Командирские часы - 811398

Командирские часы - 811398
  • Механизм часов: Механизм "Восток" 2414 (Россия)
  • Функции: Часы, минуты, секунды, календарь мгновенного действия
  • Корпус: Специальная часовая латунь с гальваническим покрытием
  • Стекло: Органическое (пластиковое, сферическое)
  • Ремень (Браслет): Кожа
  • Срок службы / Гарантия: 10 лет/ 1 год
  • Доставка: по России - бесплатно (при заказе от 2 500 ₽)
3 499 ₽
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 Часы "Командирские" механические: механизм "Восток" 2414 (Россия). Противоударное устройство узла баланса, запас хода не менее 36 часов. Число рубиновых камней - 17. Средний суточный ход -20 +60 сек/сут. Календарь мгновенного действия.

Корпус изготовлен из высококачественной часовой латуни с гальваническим покрытием хромом (цвет серебро), крышка из нержавеющей стали (винтовая, нейтральна к коже ), заводная головка завинчивающаяся (латунь). Диаметр видимой части циферблата 30 мм, габаритный размер корпуса с головкой 43 мм на 45 мм, толщина 12 мм.  Водозащита 3 атм - кратковременное воздействие воды.
Ремень ширина 18 мм охват 22 см, из натуральной кожи пряжка классика сталь. Стекло органической сферическое. Стрелки часовая и минутная покрыты Люминофором (свечение в темноте).  Метки каждого часы точечно покрыты Люминофором (святятся в темноте). Модель 811398 классический дизайн на синем фоне
 В комплекте: часы, паспорт на изделие, классическая картонная индивидуальная упаковка.
 Производство Россия. Гарантия 1 год Срок службы 10 лет.

Срок использования: Несколько дней
What can i say, this watch become my everyday tool watch, and my favorite of the collection.

I usually wear 34-36mm vintage watches but i needed a mechanical tool watch, something cheap, tough with a screwed crown with good water resistance and easy to fix or replace in the worst scenario, so any vintage watch was discarted, my other options where very expensive being more than 1000 dollars (why the small watches are only in luxury brands?).

First i discarted the komandirskie because the old vostoks juniors that i use have the perfect size for me, and the bigger dimensions of a amphibia with a similar size to the current watches felt a bit big for me, but after some thoughts i decided to buy one, i searched for the smallest of the komadisrkies and it was this. I bought it with other 3 komandirskies with different cases and coatings because the ups shipping was almost the same price that the watch (the shipping have a good price is the watch that have a very low price) after a couple of dumb questions i made, that Nikolai answered in the best way.

The watches arrived in 7 days, the watch came in a cardboard box that has its charm, my first impressions were very possitive, the dial was even more beatiful in person, the hour markers are metalic pieces that make a good variation of tones with the light, the hands are shiny and have lume they are discrette but easy to see, the red second hand along with the also red star in the dial and the bezel add some color to the watch, the lume is good for the price.

The strap is not the best at all, the first days was unconfortable but two weeks later it was more flexible, the watch works fine after a week, the accuracy its still less than +/- 1 minute, the charge last 2 days and is not so easy to scratch as i thought.

The resistence is what made me buy this watch and didn´t dissapointing me, i swim wit it an even when its water ressistance is less than 100m, it didn´t have any problem, my dog thinked it was his new toy and chewed it, the strap worked as a tooth brush and it´s still in good condition, tle plexi got some scratches but the tootpaste fix it, the only damage was some big scratches in the bezel, (the dog is a poodle so its not like the strongest dog).

The bezel in the picture didn´t convinced me but in person it looks good, however i changed it for a 420 bezel ant its a total improvement to the aesthetic, im planning to buy a couple of plain bezels with another komandirskies to combine.

I definitelly recomend this watch, buy it along with some extra bezels and straps, that makes a lot of watches.
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Me ha encantado este reloj. Una maravilla. Tiene un color azul precioso. Muchas gracias por todo. Cómo siempre perfecto.He comprado varios relojes aquí y no será el ultimo.GRACIAS.
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Very nice watch. Package in perfect condition. It come really soon (less than 15 days to Jaen-Spain). Thank you very much.
Miguel Angel
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Сегодня получил часы. Очень доволен! Все аккуратно упаковано. Спасибо Николаю за быструю отправку! В общем, не пожалел ни грамма.
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Спасибо Николаю за оперативность. Часы дошли за 6 дней в Петербург. Я доволен. Магазин рекомендую.
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